Dedicated Raspberry PI server in a Swiss datacenter

Raspberry PI 4

RasPiSun offert dedicate Raspbery PI server in Switzerland prowered by renewable energy at an affordable price. Are you looking for equivalent or greater power than a virtual server? The latest generation of Raspberry PI is made for you !

Don’t be fooled by its size, but rather by its power. With a 64-bit ARM 4-core processor and between 2 to 8 Gb of DDR4 RAM, you have a powerful dedicated server. You can, for example, install applications such as Kubernets, GitLab, Nextcloud, Worpdress and many more.



Each Raspberry PI is connected to a 1Gbps port and includes a public ipv4 address. The bandwidth is unlimited.


From the administration console, each Raspberry PI can be turned on or off separately.


The following distributions are available :


We use Samsung micro SDXC cards (64Gb, 128Gb, 256Gb).
Optionally, it is possible to add up to 2 USB3 disks.

Made in UK

The Raspberry PI are produced in England by the Raspberry PI foundation.

Swiss datacenter

Our Raspberry PIs are hosted in a Swiss datacenter and powered by hydroelectric power.

Our offers

Special offer

Raspberry PI 4
64GB SDXC Class 10

CHF 19.95 / month



Raspberry PI 4
64GB SDXC Class 10

CHF 19.95 / month

Not available


Raspberry PI 4
128GB SDXC Class 10

CHF 29.95 / month



Raspberry PI 4
256GB SDXC Class 10

CHF 39.95 / month



Samsung T5 SSD 1To | CHF 14.95 / month
Samsung T5 SSD 2To | CHF 29.95 / month
Additional IPv4 | CHF 5.00 / month



The idea germinated during discussions between Sinabe and ISP Solutions who have both been active for many years, respectively in the development and administration of systems for the former and in colocation solutions in datacenter and in infrastructure management. for the second.

One fact has turned out to be undeniable : the Raspberry PI in their version 4 offer enough power to easily replace a small dedicated server while consuming only a few percent of the energy required to power a conventional server. So why not offer Raspberry PI 4 rental solutions in order to limit the energy footprint and thus contribute to the preservation of our environment?

RasPiSun is born !

From now on, you can also contribute to the preservation of our common environment without having to deprive yourself of your desires to develop, test or have fun with your own dedicated server: just use a Raspberry 4 and you will see that the resources are generally sufficient.

Brainserver Datacenter Suisse


The data center that we have selected to provide you with your dedicated server is none other than the only Tier 4 in French-speaking Switzerland, truly certified. And despite its very high level of reliability, it partly uses free-cooling to cool the equipment it hosts, including your Raspberry PI 4!


Our Raspberry PI’s are connected to a multi-supplier network.
The equipment is redundant and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a problem, we receive alarms which allow us to intervene as quickly as possible.

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